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Nutritional and Educational Kinesiology

Author: Rosaleen Durkin

1st Nov 2011

In this article I would like to introduce myself and the clinical work I do in The Dublin Holistic Centre.My name is Rosaleen Durkin and I have been practicing Kinesiology since 1992.My own introduction to kinesiology in the 1980''s came about when I was diagnosed as having M.E( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).I was unable to work for 6 months and I followed the normal medical routes of doctors, specialists and medication with no improvement at all. I attended a Kinesiologist not knowing what it involved and was pleasantly surprised. The Kinesiologist identified the core nutritional, food and emotional imbalances and following her treatment plan my health improved very quickly. I became very interested in kinesiology and began to study it with interest. In 1992 I left my job as a teacher to pursue a full-time career in kinesiology.

What is Kinesiology and how does it work?
That is the first question most people will ask. Kinesiology is muscle bio-feedback testing based on the acupuncture system. Using a simple muscle reflex test it is possible to identify where the body energy is out of balance, what organ energy needs assistance , what foods are good/nor good for energy levels, what vitamins and minerals the body requires and what emotional issues need addressing. The treatment plan can involve reducing or eliminating certain foods from the diet, taking recommended herbs vitamins and minerals to help bring the body back to balance.

The following are two sample case histories I have worked with in the clinic.

"Mary" made an appointment as her energy levels were very low, she wanted to lose weight and had been diagnosed as having IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) by her doctor. She wanted to identify the underlying issues causing the symptoms. The kinesiology testing identified an underlying candida "yeast" imbalance, a wheat intolerance, magnesium deficiency and low adrenal energy which indicates that stress levels would be a trigger point in the symptoms. "Mary" followed the treatment plan and after 3 months was symptom free but has to constantly monitor the stress factors in her life to keep in balance.

"Adam" aged 7yrs was brought to the clinic by his mother whose main concerns were low immunity as he was getting lots of colds, he also had poor concentration at school and had problems with getting to sleep. The kinesiology testing identified right/left brain integration exercises were needed for concentration, magnesium was needed to help with sleep, elimination of dairy products for a time to reduce mucous build-up and increase intake of water and fluids. "Adam" after following the treatment plan for a few months can now have small amounts of dairy with no adverse effects, takes a magnesium supplement when needed for sleep and does his brain integration exercises when needed for concentration.

These are just two sample case histories of the many issues/complaints that can be helped with kinesiology.

For more information see www.rosaleendurkin.com or call 087-2195931

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