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Many can Benefit from Pilates Classes

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

24th Jul 2013

Jogging, working out at the gym or fast sports such as squash are not suitable for everyone. Pilates provides a great way to stay in shape without over exerting yourself or putting unnecessary pressure on your joints and muscles.

The exercise was originally developed for dancers who were recuperating after accidents. Injuries such as ankle sprains and fractures and damage to other vulnerable joints such as the knee are common among dancers. This means Pilates is perfectly suited to anyone who has suffered a similar injury and wants to get back to being fit after being immobile for a long time without pushing their recovery too far. 

Not only do people recuperating from injuries benefit from Pilates but also people who suffer from stiffness and soreness in their joints but don’t want it to prevent them from staying fit and healthy. Athletes whose sport of choice puts a lot of strain on joints such as golfers and runners find Pilates to be a great way to keep exercising without putting further strain on those joints. This allows athletes to exercise at the same time as allowing their joints to recover.

At the Dublin Holistic Centre we host Pilates classes in our Dublin 2 studios that are open to all. Whether you are just returning to fitness after a long recovery or you are an athlete at the peak of your fitness our Pilates classes are suited to you.

New moms looking to get back into shape after their pregnancy also find our classes a great way to stay energised and fit without using up that extra energy they need to look after their babies. Come visit our bright and comfortable studios in Dublin 2.


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