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Lunchtime yoga in Dublin: A great way to break up the day

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

18th Mar 2013

That's why Dublin Holistic Centre offers Lunchtime yoga in Dublin City Centre. It is a convenient way to make the most of the free time available during the day to stay fit, healthy and relaxed. For those who want a great deal a six week course can be signed up to in advance for the low price of $35. Altogether that works out to be less than $6 for each class.

As a low intensity form of exercise yoga is the perfect class to take during a lunch break. Rather than returning to work exhausted as you might from a gym a lunchtime yoga class leaves you feeling reinvigorated and refreshed. Rather than tiring muscles out yoga stretches and limbers them. The same goes for joints. Joints that may be stiff after hours sat at a desk are loosened up after a class of yoga. Returning to work with renewed energy means you can enjoy the day and be more productive rather than struggling to stay awake through the rest of the afternoon.

Dublin Holistic Centre also offers lunchtime Pilates classes which provide many of the same benefits as Yoga. Focusing on core muscles with slow steady movements relaxes the mind and acts as a form of meditation. Lunchtime yoga in Dublin Holistic Centre provides a space to clear the mind from the stirring thought of the day and bring peacefulness and relaxation to the mind that passes on to the body. Not only does this free you from the stresses of the day it helps protect from taking any more on.

The serene settings of the studios at Dublin holistic centre are the perfect place for a lunchtime yoga class in Dublin.

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