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Life Coaching forms a different aspect of Counselling Therapy

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

23rd Jan 2014

Life Coaching forms a different aspect of Counselling Therapy

Most people are familiar with counselling therapy. It has become more and more common and it is quite normal for someone to seek counselling when they are going through a difficult period such as having lost a loved one or the end of a relationship.

Many of us have benefitted from counselling directly and those of us who haven’t been for counselling likely know several people who have benefitted. But most people associate counselling with trying to overcome a difficult period in our lives.

As they say however, prevention is better than cure. Many of the difficulties we face result from external factors that we have no control over but many also result from the habits we develop that are not necessarily beneficial to us living a healthy life. Sometimes we simply get swamped by the normal day to day activities we take part in.

Getting our lives organised and under control can be a great way of preventing ending up in situations we feel unable to cope with. It is always better to developing coping strategies for everyday life than to wait until something stressful happens and develop strategies to cope with those unusual situations.

Many counselling therapists specialise in life coaching therapy. This primarily involves developing effective strategies for managing everyday life.

Life Coaching can also be used to help you reach specific goals and aims you have in life. These may range from getting fit or losing weight to becoming more confident or having more healthy relationships.

Many people realise ether before taking life coaching therapy or during the process that they have poor self awareness and even self sabotage. One of the ways life coaching help in taking control of your life is to develop self awareness and prevent self sabotage.

Often the reason we fail to achieve our goals is that we are actually afraid of attaining them. We secretly think we aren’t capable of doing the things we want to do so when opportunities arrive to attain those goals we come up with a reason not to grasp those opportunities.

With life coaching you can develop the self confidence you need to believe and know that you really are capable of achieving those goals as well as the awareness that allows us to see those opportunities when they arise.

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