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Indian Head Massage: A Deeply Calming Experience

Author: Maddie Ryan

30th Jul 2018

Holding the title of "Tightest Shoulders in the World," I figured an Indian Head Massage would be a good idea. 

Before my appointment, I did some research on Indian Head Massage. I learned that it can be used to remedy migraines, sinusitis, insomnia, stress and much more. The massage works with the scalp, neck, shoulders, upper back, arms, and face. This sounded like it was just what I needed. 

Therapist Elaine Broderick welcomed me with water and invited me to take a seat, she handed me a form to fill out regarding my health history and what I was looking to get from the massage. 

Elaine explained to me that Indian Head Massage originates from the Indian family home and its main focus is to open the energy junctions. The style Elaine practices is called Champissase. She explained to me that the chakras are both in the body and outside. She had me close my eyes and practice feeling the areas around me that I was aware of due to the chakras. This massage works to open energy junctions for these chakras. 

Elaine gave me the choice to either leave my shirt on or remove it and cover my body, below the shoulders, with a towel. I chose to remove my clothes so she could use oils and cream, but I chose not to have oils put in my hair. 

To begin, I sat on a cushioned chair as of I was sitting at the dinner table. Elaine initially started with massaging my back (which of course felt amazing). Next, she moved to my arms where she squeezed them with her hands and then stretched the skin which felt like tension was being released. This was followed by my hands, shoulders, neck and head. 

Due to my tight shoulders, Elaine tended to them with special care as they were more sensitive. I could feel my body loosen and relax with each gentle massage stroke. The shoulder portion moved into my neck creating a feeling that it was all connected. 

My favorite part of the massage was when Elaine placed her hands on either side of my head just above my ears. She then gently squeezed my head inwards. It felt as though my skull was receiving a warm hug. I later asked Elaine what this does. She explained that it gets the fluids in the head to flow and refresh. 

After the massage, I felt as though my neck, back and shoulders were loose and my head was relieved of any pressure. I highly recommend Elaine for anybody looking for an Indian Head Massage. 

You can contact Elaine Broderick by calling her at 086-077-3018 or by emailing her at info@omtherapiesdublin.com.

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