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How Yoga helped my Eczema & Asthma

Author: Catriona McCormack

1st Dec 2011

Here’s the good news Yoga Is accessible for everyone whether you’re boy/girl,a tiny tot, wheelchair bound, as a fit as a fiddle or a little bit older than you care to divulge. Age is certainly no limitation you just have to find the style of yoga that suits you best. Yoga is one of the oldest systems in the world and it’s not a religious occult and it’s Fun!!

Modern life has seen yoga emerge from the ashrams and mountains of India and makes its journey to the west. As our society gets more demanding and therefore more stressful we become less connected to our inner selves, the need for yoga grows. Yoga has filled a long empty void in the fabric of western life, a void that couldn’t be filled by any amount of material objects, technology or distractions as that void is largely a lack of connection to life and its deeper meaning.

The style of Yoga I teach is a fine blend of breath work combined with challenging but gentle postures topped off with deep relaxation to further unwind you. The practice changes the way that we think about life, by raising our awareness of how we live, how we act, how we react and how we live our lives.

What we offer:
Private One to One Sessions: This is one to one session where there is a program tailor-made for each individual.

Corporate Yoga: Have a qualified Yoga Teacher come to your premises and enjoy a yoga class to help relax, rejuvenate and distress.

Catriona specialises in Back problems and has had great success with even the most chronic back conditions.

Yoga therapy aims to place the body in a position of self healing with the help of a good therapist. It can restore the natural balance and harmony, bringing positive good health to all parts of life - physical, mental and spiritual.

It is applicable to a great variety of conditions, including: Stress, Anxiety, Back pain, Neck pain, Scoliosis, Arthritis, Hypertension, Heart conditions, Hyperventilation, Asthma, Irritable bowel syndrome, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia to name a few.

Yoga Therapy can be practised in conjunction with any medical treatments you are already receiving and also in tandem with other complementary therapies.

No prior experience of yoga is necessary before starting. It cultivates body/mind integration and a sense of harmony with life.

Catriona is an experienced yoga teacher who completed a further two-year Yoga Therapy Diploma Course with two medical doctors and a yoga therapist which provides grounding in modern medicine and the application of yoga to medical conditions.

Just a few minutes each day can make a huge difference to how you feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually and will leave you smiling

Catriona Mc Cormack - My journey with yoga
I began my search for serenity and peace at an early age, my primary motivation being an attempt to appease and heal chronic eczema which I suffered with since I was only a few weeks old. This was a difficult place I found myself in at such a tender age but it allowed and encouraged me to accept my pain fully and empathise with other people’s difficulties.

At the age of twelve I found myself attracted to vegetarianism and made the decision not to eat meat anymore and this duly led to further research of nutrition. At around the age of thirteen I read a book on hypnosis and was greatly inspired by the sheer “Power of the Mind”, which the book elaborated on.

When I was seventeen I attended my first yoga class in a local school and by the time I was a third level design student I was practicing yoga in earnest. After about a year of practice I noticed my eczema had disappeared and to this day I still live relatively free of it. I attribute this to the balancing effect Yoga has internally.

During my early twenties I underwent some very tough times emotionally, as many of us do through these transitional and unpredictable times. Yoga gave me the strength and courage I needed to weather these times, physically emotionally and spiritually. At this time I was suffering from asthma and lower back pain, through yoga practice my Ventolin inhaler was rendered redundant and the need for physiotherapy unnecessary - once more testament to the curative and preventative powers of yoga.

At the age of twenty five I became a yoga teacher, leaving behind my business in design. My motivation was a staunch belief in the positive abilities of yoga and the desire to share these with others. I have even found my memory, especially of names has improved dramatically which I was regularly left red faced over previously.

Later I qualified as a Yoga Therapist and now treat people on a one to one basis. I decided to open a centre in the middle of the city so people could access classes easily around their lives, thus Yoga Ireland was born. I have found myself in a joyful and happy place and am still after 17 years enjoying the journey of yoga and sharing this beautiful practice with anyone who’s interested.

You may be very surprised at the results of yoga and how it permeates throughout the rest of your life.

In my heart I believe that this simple beautiful practice can have an expansive and lasting effect on our lives and will bring greater peace and balance to all of us just as it has done for me.

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