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Holistic Therapies for Miscarriage

Author: Anna Goodere

30th Oct 2013

I am an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Practitioner and Massage therapist who has also had the misfortune of being a recurrent miscarriage sufferer.

As I result I have had to become an expert on all aspects of miscarriage. Looking into both the latest medical research and also alternative viewpoints of dealing and treating miscarriage, my mission is to make those going through a similar ordeal a lot easier.

Miscarriage whether it happens once or several times can be a very painful and lonely experience. For many it seems to be a subject that is difficult to speak about. Even if you do talk about it, it may seem hard for others to understand the pain that you are going through, unless they have been through it themselves. 

It is not only the physical trauma that I had to recover from, but the emotional pain which went through many different stages and came back to haunt me long after the miscarriage had occurred. What I also found extremely challenging and frustrating was trying to make sense if it all. Feeling very confused about the minefield of information on miscarriages, some of it misleading, contradictory and inaccurate. Feeling very alone because I couldn’t find anyone that seemed to understand or give me the support that I needed. Looking for reasons to what may have caused the miscarriages and not knowing where to turn to seek constructive advice on how to improve my chances of carrying to term the next time.

So through all the research that I did, the books I read, the people I spoke to and those who I found who could help me, I can share with you in an empathetic and honest way what I learnt. I am also more than happy to refer you to others who may also be able to help you through the process.

For those who have had more than one miscarriage I will offer advice on what tests can be done to see if there is a possible cause to the miscarriage but also to rule out what isn’t causing your miscarriages.

Most of all I think it is really important to look after yourself and get support from others. Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, nutritional advice and various forms of healing bodywork I found worked for me.

As an Acupuncturist, Massage therapist and Shiatsu practitioner I will use all these tools, to reduce stress and anxiety and bring your body back into balance and give you the strength and confidence to try again. If you do conceive again, I can also offer support in what can be a tricky and anxious time.

For more information and to share your experiences of miscarriages, please contact me at annagoodere@gmail.com.

Note from the Office: We are really happy, especially given the subject of this article and the difficult nature of Anna's experience, to announce that Anna is now on maternity leave.  Please do feel free to contact her to share your experiences as we know that she is very open & willing to share hers.  But if you are looking for an Acupuncturist in this area, please consider one of our other acupuncturists, click on therapies & acupuncture-TCM for a list of all our Acupuncturists.

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