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Hayfever - how homeopathy can help!

Author: Sheelagh Behan

30th Mar 2012

It’s that time of year again when allergy sufferers stock up on the tissues and snuffle their way miserably through the day! But many people who regularly get spring or summer hayfever have discovered that Homeopathy can really help their symptoms. 

In the acute phase when teary eyes and sneezing and a blocked nose stop you from enjoying the glories of spring, the correct Homeopathic remedy can bring welcome relief. Furthermore, not everyone knows that it can also help to prevent recurrences in the following years, if the appropriate “constitutional” remedy is taken in the intervening months. 

(For this it would be a good idea to visit a Registered Homeopath who will take your case and prescribe individually.) 

Here are a couple of easy to recognise Homeopathic remedy pictures for the acute symptoms of hayfever: 
- Acrid, sore, swollen, red, watering eyes, bland nose discharge, sneezing, cough during daytime : Euphrasia (Eyebright) 
 - Bland eye discharge, acrid, watery nose discharge, raw nose, worse evening and in warm room, better in open air; sneezing better in open air: Allium Cepa (Onion)

You can get these remedies in any good health store or Nelson’s Homeopathic Dispensary on Duke St, D2. Take as directed on package. Usually a 6C or 30C potency will help. 
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 “A study found that allergy sufferers who were given homeopathic treatment were ten times more likely to be cured that those given a dummy pill instead. The study was carried out by doctors in Glasgow, led by Dr.David Reilly of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, one of five specialist hospitals in Britain. Dr Bob Leckridge, president of the Faculty of Homeopathy - the body for doctors, vets, nurses and other health professionals - said: "This latest research builds on existing evidence that homeopathy works, something that hundreds of doctors and their patients have known for 200 years.” (By Jenny Hope, Daily Mail)

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