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Get more out of your break for less with the special Lunchtime Yoga and Pilates classes deal

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

12th Oct 2012

The Dublin holistic Centre is currently offering a lunchtime special for yoga and Pilates classes. It’s a great offer that allows you to make the most out of exercise during your lunch break. By signing up for six weeks of lunchtime classes in advance you can get the full six weeks for just €35. That’s less than €6 per class.

It’s not just a great deal though. It’s a great choice too. Consider the benefits of lunchtime yoga and Pilates over any other workout you might try to do during your lunch break.

Yoga and Pilates are both low intensity workouts. Unlike pumping iron at the gym you aren’t going to get back to the office still flushed and sweating. Going for a swim isn’t so practical either. By the time you’ve changed into a swimsuit you’re only in the pool before you have to get out again to get changed in time to be back in the office. Really, if you are going to work out during your lunch you want it to be relaxing.

Not only are yoga and Pilates more relaxing due to the low intensity nature of their exercise methods they are designed to help practitioners relax. By focusing your mind on the movements of your body all the other stressful thoughts of the day are cleared. This means you can spend our lunch at peace rather than in the clanging noise of a gym.

But it’s not just during your lunch that Pilates and yoga leave you feeling relaxed. Imagine returning to work not only energised from your workout and feeling good for having exercised but also relaxed with a fresh mind that is focused and ready to get through the rest of the day.

Of course, as it’s a lunchtime workout you’re probably going to want to eat some lunch. Anyone who’s done an intense workout like aerobics knows you don’t feel up to eating anything substantial afterwards. But you can’t eat anything right before either as not only is it simply uncomfortable but you may also get a cramp. So, being able to eat a nice healthy hearty meal during your lunchtime is just one more benefit of taking advantage of the great lunchtime yoga and Pilates offer at the Dublin Holistic Centre.

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