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From life coaching to psychotherapy, Dublin Holistic Centre provides a range of specialist therapies

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

10th Dec 2012

Depending on the issue, different types of therapy can provide specific solutions, help and resolution for clients.

Generally counselling aims to provide a space in which the client can feel safe and comfortably share any difficulties they may be having in their lives. The issues clients may come to therapy to try to resolve can be wide ranging and may include help in coping with work place stress, bereavement, illness or social difficulties. More specific types of treatment can focus on particular difficulties with therapist trained in special techniques designed to resolve specific issues.

Psychotherapy deals with most issues generally but tends to employ different techniques from other types of counselling. In psychotherapy the therapist will focus more on more pervasive, underlying issues the client may have developed from childhood or adolescence and are now manifesting themselves in other ways. By looking into the client’s emotional history the psychotherapist hopes to understand how this past affects the way the client deals with the world in the present.

An important fact to realise about counselling is that it can be beneficial even when a person does not feel that they are necessarily facing any particular difficulty or challenge. It can be a good way to talk through life decisions and get perspective on life and the course a life is taking, what consequences certain choices might have and what underlying motives push a person to make one particular choice over another.

For many people counselling in the form of life coaching can be a way to help achieve certain goals they have set in life but do not have a clear vision of how they will go about achieving those goals. Perhaps a person wants to be more dynamic but has issues with motivation or organisation that would not necessarily affect them in ordinary circumstances but in trying to push themselves to do more.

Of course even the most effective among us can be stopped in our tracks by news of illness. Illness such as cancer can be traumatic for the sufferer as well as their family and friends. Therapists specialising in cancer counselling can help those affected to cope with the issues that arise.  

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