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Find out what’s different about Sports Massage

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

12th Oct 2012

Unlike other massage forms such as traditional or Aurvedic massage which are intended to help relaxation and energy levels, sports massage is specifically focused on preparing the muscles for athletic activity and for preventing muscle damage as a result of the strenuous exertion that can result from intensive sports.

Whether a professional, amateur or just occasional athlete, sports massage can be of extraordinary benefit to maintaining a healthy physique. For the professional athlete maintaining good muscle condition isn’t just about the training of muscles but also taking good care of them, moving blood through to regenerate new tissue and preventing future injuries. Even for someone who only plays sports a few times a week it is a good idea. Limiting the likelihood of injury means your athletic hobby doesn’t cause you to miss work and just as importantly doesn’t prevent you from staying in shape. For many people a weekly game of football or ruby is the only time they have to keep in shape. Missing that bit of exercise can quickly leave you out of shape not to mention losing out on some much deserved social fun.

This type of massage focuses on maintaining suppleness and joint flexibility. This means that stretching and warming up before training or competition is easier and less likely to result in strains and injuries.

The technique also aims to reduce the recovery time of injuries when they do happen. Massage improves blood flow to key areas meaning that when that area is injured there is plenty of blood supply to the affected area.

Another goal of sports massage is to prevent stiffness from occurring in joints as well as increasing the range of motion available to the athlete. Loosening the capsule of the joint allows the synovial fluids to move more freely around the joint. The massage breaks down adhesions in the muscle tissue that can be the cause of tightness. This means the athlete is better prepared for competition and has greater range in their movement, something that can be critical in the heat of competition.


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