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Find classes for Pilates in Dublin 2 at the Dublin Holistic Centre

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

8th Feb 2013

Conveniently located on South William St close to the city centre. There are a number of large parking lots nearby making it easy to pop into town and join in with one of the regular Pilates classes in the centre.

It is also close to the Green Line Luas stop at Stephen's Green. Only a three minute walk away its very handy for anyone living or working in or around Dublin 2 looking to join a Pilates class.

It's also located close to the main shopping areas of Dublin 2. What better way to reinvigorate after a hard day of shopping than with an energizing Pilates class?

The Dublin Holistic Centre has classes throughout the day and into the evening meaning there is a class for everyone whatever their schedule. The Lunchtime Special Pilates classes offer great value and an opportunity to make perfect use of an empty lunch break.

Pilates is a wonderful way to stay or get in shape. As a low impact, low intensity exercise it won't create undue stresses on your joints and muscles and it won't leave you exhausted afterwards. This means you can do it at the beginning of or during a work day and instead of struggling to stay awake you will have plenty of energy to have a highly productive day.

Pilates classes also help with concentration. As an exercise technique it was designed to strengthen the mind as well as the body. By focusing on holding poses and moving the body in controlled movements you practice clearing the mind of erratic thoughts and concentrating on the physical present moment. This is a skill that easily transfers to the work place.

Students who take Pilates classes will benefit similarly. Long periods of motionless study do little to aid circulation and can leave joints feeling stiff and sore. Pilates gets oxygen flowing to the brain while honing concentration and memory.

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