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Body and mind: the value of kinesiology

Author: Maddie Ryan

12th Jul 2018

After months of constantly feeling exhausted and lethargic, I was ready for a change. I had a feeling the cause was due to something in my diet. So, I met with kinesiologist Una McAleer at the Dublin Holistic Centre. Going into the appointment, I had no prior knowledge on how kinesiology worked or what the kinesiologist would do.

I did some research on kinesiology before my appointment. I learned that there is a connection between the physical and energetic structures of the body. A kinesiologist uses the energies of outside forces, such as food or the environment, to see the reaction the client’s muscles have to treatment. From there, the kinesiologist can determine what is causing negative bodily reactions and how to heal or prevent them.
            When I arrived at my appointment, Una greeted me and I immediately felt welcome. I explained my constant feeling of exhaustion to her. She then began by asking questions about my daily routine, my diet, sleeping habits and overall health. The next part is where things got interesting (in a good way).
            I laid on my back on the plinth (massage table). Una then stood beside me with her hand holding my wrist. She placed small tubes containing different homeopathic versions of foods and environmental substances such as cat hair and dust mite on my stomach. With each tube she would either say yes or no. Suddenly she said I had an intolerance to wheat and yeast.
            This immediately made sense to me as a gluten intolerance runs in my family. But I was sceptical. I asked her how she was able to figure that out simply by touching my wrist. Una explained how to energy from the foods make my muscles react differently, either positively or negatively. But I still did not understand how she could tell when my muscles reacted differently.
Una then had me hold my arms out in front of me (similar to a zombie) and she told me to push up against her arms as she tried to push my arms down. She pushed down on my arms lightly and it was very easy to keep my arms in place. But then, she put a tube on my stomach and asked me to push up again. This time my arms fell down because my arms became weak. Una revealed to me that the tube on my stomach contained wheat.
That is how she knew about my intolerance because she could feel it in my wrist. Something so simple and non-invasive was able to confirm what I had suspected for so long. I couldn’t help but laugh when my arms fell because, well, it was funny being so weak just from a tube, but I also was completely amazed.
Una was also able to determine that my magnesium levels were low. Due to her background in health foods, and the fact that she also works in the local Health Matters shop, she was able to explain to me what supplements I need to be taking and how long I needed to avoid eating wheat and yeast.
This experience was one I will always treasure and I will definitely be going back to a kinesiologist in the future. They can help treat other health troubles besides diet issues such as depression, allergies and asthma.
Una made me feel comfortable the entire appointment and even made me laugh in the process. She truly has lots of knowledge and actually cares about her clients’ well-being. If someone I know ever needs physical health or emotional health help, I will definitely recommend kinesiology and especially Una McAleer!
Una can be reached via email on unamcaleer@hotmail.com


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