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Body and mind: Julia Kleinfeld on why yoga is so rewarding

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

24th May 2018

1.       How did you become a yoga teacher?

I’ve been practising yoga for over ten years – I started when I was back in university and found it to be a really nice way to take a break from everything. I’m originally from Germany and I moved over to Ireland and started living in Cork. While I was there I met my teacher in his yoga studio. He’s from India, so I then travelled over to India and trained with him. In 2017, I returned to India to deepen my studies especially on yoga for low back pain and stress relief.

2.       What kind of yoga do you teach?

I teach a modified version of the Ashtanga sequence combined with Iyengar alignment -  so it’s a form of Hatha yoga. I always offer the use of props to make classes accessible for any level. The yoga I teach isn’t just about a physical workout – I want my students to find a mind/body balance. Every class incorporates mindfulness, breathing and elements of meditation.

3.       How do you unwind when you're not teaching yoga? 

I do yoga myself at home, obviously! I also meditate almost every day, and really love going on long walks. You’ll often find me on Dun Laoghaire pier!

4.       What can people get from yoga?

I feel that everyone can get something from yoga. Some people like it because they can stretch and strengthen their bodies. Others appreciate the head-space they get and the break it offers from day-to-day life. Some people feel all of these things. That’s the brilliant thing about yoga: it offers something for everybody.

5.       What is your aim for the people who attend your classes?

I have two main goals. From a mindfulness perspective, I like to see people take time for themselves and find that space to step back and notice how they are doing in this present moment – like pressing the pause button.

Physically, I combine poses for strengthening and relaxation – especially during lunchtime classes we target stiff shoulders, tension in the low back and gentle core strengthening. This way, yoga becomes a great tool to counterbalance our seated and often stressed-out lifestyle.

6.       What makes the Dublin Holistic Centre a great venue for people to attend classes and workshops?

There’s a real family feel in the Dublin Holistic Centre. You would think that, given its location in the middle of the city, that there would be a bit of an anonymous feel, but there are so many regulars and people connecting with each other. Lots of friendships have been formed here. You feel like you’re part of something really special! We also structure the day in here so there are lots time slots for doing yoga, from early morning to lunchtime to the evenings. Different times work for people, depending on what they do.

Julia Kleinfeld runs regular yoga classes in the Dublin Holistic Centre. If you are looking for more information about Julia, see her website

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