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Best Spots to Relax, Meditate or Practice Yoga around Dublin City Centre

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

23rd Jan 2014

Best Spots to Relax, Meditate or Practice Yoga around Dublin City Centre

Living or working in any city is not typically the most relaxing thing to do. Dublin is no different from any other city.  It’s important to find time to get away from the crowds and traffic at least for a while during the day and take some time to relax in a peaceful environment.

If you enjoy practicing yoga or other forms of meditation you will know how important this is. Luckily there are loads of spots around Dublin where you can find a little patch of green space for yourself and take fifteen or twenty minutes in your lunch break for a quick yoga or meditation session.

Here we’ve listed five of the best spots near our Holistic therapy and yoga studio centre in Dublin 2.

St. Stephen’s Green

Everyone in Dublin knows about Stephen’s Green. Just at the south end of the Grafton St. shopping district, it’s beautifully ornate flower displays and duck filled ponds are some of the nicest and well cared for in the city. Every day hundreds of Dublin’s workers visit the Green on their lunches to walk, talk, meet and watch.

This can put some people off going to the green to relax or even practice yoga but while there are usually big crowds in the central areas of the park if you take the time to explore some of the smaller areas you can often find a quiet spot that seems completely cut off from the rest of the city.

Iveagh Gardens

Nearly half the size of St. Stephen’s Green and just across the on Harcourt St. The Iveagh Gardens are somehow always much quieter than St. Stephen’s Green. Maybe because it’s hidden in behind the large period town houses lining the street fewer people know about it.

The Gardens are beautifully kept with several large manicured lawns as well as an enclosed rose garden. There are also plenty of little nooks and crannies where you can sit in silence to do some mindfulness meditation and take in the quiet hum of the city.

Merrion Square

Just a little further to the east, at the end of Nassau St. You can find the Merrion Square Park. It’s a big park, about two thirds the size of St. Stephen’s Green, but it is planted with lots of native deciduous trees and exotic shrubbery that splits the park up into small sections that are nicely enclosed.

This creates lots of cosy quiet spaces where you and some friends can have a short yoga session without being disturbed. Many groups use the park for activities like acrobatics, juggling and tightrope walking so no one will bat an eyelid at yoga practitioners.

Trinity College

One of the oldest Universities in the Europe and the oldest in the whole of Ireland, Trinity College is located right in the centre of Dublin City. Fortunately the grounds are open to the public during the day.

They are beautiful grounds and made up of many small parks and green areas. It can be a great place to find some quiet in the day and surrounding yourself with those elegantly architecture buildings of learning might even inspire some higher thoughts than usual in your meditations. 

St. Patrick’s Park

Over the other side of Dublin from the Holistic Centre is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Almost 900 years old the Cathedral is a spectacular sight and is the largest cathedral in Ireland. Outside of the Cathedral is a small park where many of the city’s inhabitants come to enjoy fine summer days.

The park is quite open, exposed to a main road on one side but it somehow retains a real sense of peacefulness. Perhaps this is because of the grand grey cathedral lining one side of the park.

Dublin Calm

The city is full of little quiet spaces and spots to get away from it all for a few moments and find yourself some focus. The Memorial Gardens are a little further outside the city but provide a great way to enjoy the calm of the Liffey.

The Grand Canal that circles the whole South Side of the city is spotted with small park areas and benches where you can stop for a moment and enjoy the passing waters.

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