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Benefitting from talking therapies: Which is right for you?

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

10th Sep 2012

Counselling provides a safe space in which to talk openly about any problems that may be casing the client distress. These can range from helping to cope with recent bereavement, dealing with stress or difficulties at work or interpersonal issues.

Psychotherapy like counselling allows the client to talk openly about issues. But where counselling tends to focus on immediate issues psychotherapy tends to look more at pervasive underlying issues. The method of psychotherapy typically involves looking at the client’s emotional past and considering how this affects how they cope with life in the present.

Hypnotherapy could almost be described as a form of assisted meditation. The hypnotherapist helps the client to put their mind into a deep state of clarity and focus. This allows the client with the help of the hypnotherapist to form in their own mind the goals and actions they wish to take more clearly and in a more focused manner than they might be able to do otherwise. For this reason the therapy works well for treatments where the client knows what the goal is but has difficulty achieving it such as giving up smoking.

Life Coaching helps us take steps towards being the person we want to be. We all would like to be more affective and achieve our goals but it’s not always clear how we can do that. A life coach can objectively outline simple and pragmatic changes we can make to our lives and show us techniques for applying ourselves intelligently to life. This process also develops self awareness to help stop us falling back into old, unhelpful patters.

Couples counselling isn’t just about creating a safe space for couples to talk about any issues they are having in the relationship. It is also about facilitating better communication between the couple and looking at the relationship objectively with the help of the counsellor.

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