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5 Types of Meditation and the Benefits they Bring

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

23rd Jan 2014

5 Types of Meditation and the Benefits they Bring

We here at the Dublin Holistic Centre have been providing Meditation Classes and therapy in Dublin 2 for many years. Meditation offers a simple and effective way to quickly and enjoyably relieve stress and clear your thoughts.

Here we look at a few different meditation techniques and how they can help you in your day to day life. These are some you can try yourself at home or come join one of our classes at our beautiful holistic Centre on South William St. in Dublin 2.

Guided Meditation

There can be many different types of guided meditation but all typically involve focusing on a series of images or moving thorough an imaginary environment designed to quiet and relax the mind.

This may be done by following a recorded voice describing the images or even with someone in the same room leading the meditation. Many people also use a guided visualisation they have learnt themselves. They can follow the same series of visualisations each time or with slight variations.

Zen Meditation

A very simple form of meditation originating from Japanese Buddhism, Zen is a seated meditation. The approach simply involves sitting still with an upright posture. The idea is to simply allow the mind to become still over time.

Many beginners find this a difficult form of meditation as it is not typically guided in any way although some forms do use a short koan poem to meditate upon.

Qui Gong

For a more active approach to meditation you could look into practising Qui Gong. It is a form of meditation derived from Taoist traditions that seeks to align the breath with movement and awareness.

Practitioners focus on having a still mind, the rhythm of the breath and the posture of the body whether moving or standing still. A particular practice or training session may involve variations of each or focusing mainly on one of the three aspects.

Tai Chi

This form of meditation is not dissimilar to Qui Gong and both are meditation practices developed form martial arts. In modern china Tai Chi is practised as a martial art where in the west it is mostly seen as a meditation technique.

This is because it focuses on soft internal power. It is widely practiced for its proven health benefits, providing greater balance as well as calming and focusing the mind.


Mindfulness is a relatively simple form of meditation and is growing in popularity as its benefits to everyday mental and physical health are realised. It centres around being present, in the moment and processing the thoughts you have as you have them in a non judgemental way.

It may also involve being aware of the sensations you are experiencing in the present moment. This allows us to take on the emotions, feelings and thoughts we are having at a given moment rather than trying to block them out or push them off to deal with them at another time.

You can find classes and therapy sessions in these and many more forms of meditation at the Dublin Holistic Centre. There are a number of other classes and therapies available at the Dublin Holistic Centre that are great for helping you relax and calm your mind including yoga, massage and acupuncture.

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