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3 Quick Tips for Coping with Stress

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

16th May 2014

3 Quick Tips for Coping with Stress

Our modern hectic, day to day lives are full of opportunities for us to suffer from stress or anxiety. Some people handle stress better than others. This may be due to natural ability to cope with stress, effective coping strategies they have learnt from others or or they may have developed their own coping strategies through counselling.

For most people it is normal to suffer from stress from time to time but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything about it. It can be very easy to develop unhealthy coping habits. These may range from less harmful strategies such as nail biting or teeth grinding to more harmful ones such as smoking, alcohol abuse, overeating, gambling or even drug addiction.

None of these are good for you and they can easily develop simply as a result of ordinary day to day stress. What happens when a highly stressful event is piled on top of that day to day stress? If you have to move house, your business takes a hit or you suffer a bereavement, do you have a coping strategy in place that will allow you to cope with everything that is going on?

This is why it is important to develop healthy coping strategies before things get out of control. You don’t need to be suffering from severe anxiety to talk to a counsellor or a life coach. You don’t need to be experiencing stress at all. Talking to a counsellor or life coach is a great way to develop preventative coping strategies and live a stress free life.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you stay stress free in the mean time:

Plan on not being stressed

Being disorganised and unprepared is one of the biggest sources of stress. You dont need to start out with a complete schedule. Start small and work your way up. Just take a few minutes at the beginning of your week or month and write down the main events and engagements. You can then schedule in a longer time at the end of the week to sit down and make a more detailed preparation for the next week.

Take time to reflect

When we have a lot of different things going on we rarely take the time to sit back and think about what is going on around us. We take the first impression of everything and then move on. This can have bad results. Next time you find yourself angry or stressed out  about something, take a minute to pause and reflect on whether you really need to feel that way about it. Most of the time you will find you don’t.

Actively Relax

We tend to think of relaxing as simply not doing anything. That is not the case. It doesn’t just happen by itself. You have to make it happen. There are plenty of different techniques for relaxing, from audio relaxations to short meditations to breathing exercises. Find one that works for you and make sure you do it regularly.

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